Ferticell NPK partially Soluble

Spreading application ONLY.

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Ferticell N-P-K SOIL is a line of high efficiency organic certified fertilizing materials for organic crop production. Ferticell N-P-K SOIL affords the organic grower the ability to fine-tune his/her fertilization plan, a flexibility previously enjoyed mostly by conventional farmers.

Developing correct plant nutrition recommendations has always been a challenge in organic production. Along with pest control, plant nutrition remains one of the major yield limiting factors for organic farmers.

Using conventional practices, organic growers and crop advisors can now develop fertilizer recommendations that supply the right nutrient, at the right time, and at the right rate.

Ferticell N-P-K SOIL ’s are manufactured using the highest quality plant and mineral sources. No animal waste or by-products are used in the manufacture, a major advantage in addressing Food Safety concerns and regulations

Ferticell NPK

Ferticell npk soil is the most powerful soil organic fertilizer for agricultural soils. It has in it the active ingredients of nutrients essential for enhancing the fertility and productivity of the soil in the most balanced way.

The macro and micro-nutrient components in Ferticell-npk are so integrated that they effectively interact to provide and enrich the nutrient base of the soil in the most efficient and effective manner, yet being most economic. Thus, apart from replenishing the soil and providing the crop with macro-nutrients like nitrogen, phosphate and potash, Ferticell-npk also enriches the soil with essential micro-nutrients and Calcium.

Moreover, Ferticell-npk also increases the organic matter content of the soil along with the major and minor nutrients which are also organic based in Ferticell-npk. The combined interaction of the nutrient ingredients in Ferticell-npk integrates the soil with the full range of nutrients within a relatively short time, and their effects last longer for the standing crop to benefit directly. By optimally utilizing these nutrients from the soil, crop productivity in the Ferticell-npk treated plots greatly increases as reflected in the high yields and quality of the crops. Ferticell-npk is therefore unique in its action in stabilising and enhancing the nutrient status of the soil, and thereby increasing crop productivity.

Our product contains upp to 25 % easy to absorb P2O5 completed with the best minerals needed by plants, with it’s 100% organic form, will deliver the best taste and the best harvest result to your farm and keep your soil in it’s best performance.

Content a mix of Protein Nitrogen derived from plants 100% fast soluble.

High quality and quantity of soluble Potassium

Also content Calcium upp to 25% , Magnesium and other micronutrients.

High NPK content.