Ferticell Calcium 880 40% Plus Liquid Suspension

Product Features And Benefits

Ferticell Calcium 880 40% Plus Liquid Suspension Download Technical Specifications
Ferticell Calcium 880 40% Plus Liquid Suspension Descargar Ficha Técnica
  • Increased uptake through plant cells and root system
  • User friendly in most irrigation systems
  • Easily incorporated in all nutrient programs (some restrictions on mixing with phosphorous)
  • High corrective rates may be used with no detrimental risks
  • Economical application costs
  • Best management protocol for salts
  • Calcium is the only “counter” ion for sodium management
  • Excellent tool for soil reclamation
  • Improves soil porosity and stress tolerance
  • Increases nitrogen uptake (NH4)
  • Improves mobility through plant vascular systems
  • Prevents premature leaf loss (senescence)
calcium 880


  • One micron or less particle size
  • High Calcium concentration (28% liquid formulation)
  • No limiting factors, i.e. sulfates/chlorides found in most other Calcium products
  • Processed under pharmaceutical guidelines
  • Stability in all soil types
  • Added algae extract
  • Mix compatibility
  • Low Salt index (5). As a comparison, Calcium nitrate has a salt index of 52.5
    (Rader, 1943)
  • Highly soluble and mobile

Calcium Deficiences

  • Necrosis at the tips and margins of young leaves
  • Bulb and fruit abnormalities
  • Premature leaf loss
  • Deformation of affected leaves
  • Highly branched, short, brown root systems
  • Severely stunted growth
  • General chlorosis