Ferticell Zinc 40% liquid suspension

Analysis: Zinc (40% w/v)

Ferticell Zinc 40% suspensión líquida Descargar Especificaciones Técnicas
Ferticell Zinc 40% suspensión líquida Descargar Ficha Técnica

Product Features And Benefits

A highly concentrated zinc formulation containing 8-10 times more zinc than a typical liquid chelated and 3-4 times that of sulphate or nitrate based liquids.

This means that application rates are lower and storage, transportation and handling are reduced.

Far easier to use (and containing more zinc) than powder products,FERTICELL Zinc 40% liquid suspension  distributes evenly and mixes quickly in the spray tank without the need for any pre-mixing.

FERTICELL Zinc 40% liquid suspension is quickly taken up by the crop which has a lasting feeding effect. In many situations fewer applications are required.

Widely tank mixable, FERTICELL Zinc 40% liquid suspension  can be co-applied with many agrochemicals which allows easy integration into crop protection programs and removes the need for specific spraying operations saving time and money.