Amino Acid Fertilizer

Ferticell NUTRIPLUS (Aminoacids 20% 35% 60%)

  • Ferticell NUTRIPLUS – Aminoacids are derived from soya protein, NOT GMO
  • Several concentrations are manufactures in liquid form:
    • with 20% aminoacids content, Ferticell Nutriplus N 2,5 Liquid amino 
    • with 35% aminoacids content, Ferticell Nutriplus Nitrogen 8% Liquid amino 
    • with 60% aminoacids content, Ferticell Nutriplus Nitrogen 10% Liquid amino
Ferticell Nutriplus Nitrógeno 8% Amino líquido Descargar Especificaciones Técnicas
Ferticell Nutriplus Nitrogen 8% Liquid amino Descargar Ficha Técnica

Ferticell Nutri-Plus is a product containing active unicellular freshwater algae cells with high levels of amino acids. The algae cells are especially important in plant nutrition for increased yields, precocity, and quality in all crops. Amino acids act as natural stimulators for biological activity. They greatly influence rapid fixation of carbonic anhydride for photosynthesis, while producing a regulatory and balanced endo-cellular activity. The balance of amino acids results in an increased efficiency of protein formation, fertility of pollen, and resistance to cold weather stress.

Ferticell Nutri-Plus consists of unicellular algae cells and amino acids which are completely neutral and biologically active, making assimilation of nutrients rapid and complete. The amino acids are incorporated into the metabolic cycle of the crop, saving the plant energy for increased production.

The high Glycine content of the product (which constitutes the first link in the synthesis of chlorophyll), plus Proline, Alanine, and Arginine are an important source of Nitrogen. These amino acids provide a “value added” protein Nitrogen which is essential for balancing the four forms of Nitrogen in crop inputs, contributing to the savings of nitrogenous fertilizing requirements. The high levels of Aspartic Acid and Glutamic Acid are extremely important in this product as these amino acids are the precursors for the formation of several other amino acids internally in the plant.

All amino acids do not have the same characteristics inside the plant, and are required in different quantities. The proportion varies by species and the physiological state of the plant. The most suitable time for applying Ferticell Nutri-Plus is when crops show specific needs such as growth, firming, and increased size of the fruit, or when frost, drought, disease or pests are prevalent. Ferticell Nutri-Plus may also be used in a