Boron Fertilizer

Ferticell Micro Boron liquid

Ferticell Micro Boro Líquido Descargar Especificaciones Técnicas
Ferticell Micro Boron Liquid Descargar Ficha Técnica


Description of the contents of the product

Product Name: Ferticell Micro Boron Liquid

Product: Liquid nutrient for agriculture, without chemicals.

Application: Agriculture, forestry, floriculture, fruit growing, indoor plants, etc

Origin product: Made in Spain

Manufactured By:

Agroplasma S.L.
Calle Torre del Mar Nº56
29006 Malaga Spain
Tel +34-951769790

Technical Information:

Appearance: Liquid of Green color / dark blue

pH: 6,00-8,00
Density: 1,22

Toxicity: DO NOT (NOT TOXIC)
Danger of fire: NO
Explosive: NO
BHC, DDT, DDD, DDE: Negative

Product Specification

Base substance: % (p/p)

BORON 7,5% p/v. 6,5% p/p

Algae extract 25%

Sugar beet: To avoid heart disease or root rot.

Manzano and Peral: To avoid the padding (biter pitt), cracked and papiráceo chancre.

Grapevine: To improve the flowering and avoid the ru