Ferticell-Super Mag 35% liquid / suspension

Magnesium Corrector Made For Foliar Application

Ferticell-super Mag 35% líquido / suspensión Descargar Ficha Técnica
Ferticell-super Mag 35% líquido / suspensión Descargar ficha tecnica

Product Features And Benefits

This highly concentrated flowable formulation contains almost 3 times more Magnesium than Epsom salts.

It is far easier to use and disperses and mixes quickly and easily in the spray tank without the need for any pre-mixing.

Compared to other liquid products it has 8-10 times more magnesium than a chelate and 3-4 times more than liquid sulphates or nitrates.

Concentration coupled with crop safety gives effective treatment of magnesium deficiency, often with fewer applications, saving time and money.

Ferticell Super Mag 30 Liquid Suspension is also widely tank mixable for co-application with agrochemicals, allowing easy integration into crop protection programs and removing the need for specific spray operations.

Ferticell Magnesium 500

Important for:

  • Part of the chlorophyll molecule
  • Phosphate metabolism
  • Nitrogen metabolism
  • Protein synthesis
  • Water uptake by the plant
  • Crop establishment (where applicable)
  • Sandy soils
  • Acidic soils
  • Potassium rich soils
  • Soils receiving high potash applications
  • Cold wet periods

General Symptons:

  • Small plant size
  • Red or brown edges on oldest leaves
  • Leaf chlorosis between veins
  • Delayed maturity



  • Bronze colored trees
  • (Citrus)
  • Mature leaves die and fall prematurely
  • Most easily seen in autumn and winter
  • Magnesium deficiency firs appears as a leaf scorch on young mature leaves
  • Browning followed by collapse of marginal tissues
  • Fruit is light-red and is soft in texture
  • Yellow and brown leaves
  • Leaves wither and die
  • Stunted plants
  • Early crop maturation