Ferticell Húmico Liquid Leonardit

Ferticell Humico Líquido Leonardit Descargar Ficha Técnica
Ferticell Humico Líquido Leonardit Descargar Ficha Técnica


Ferticell-humate is the potassium salt of humic acid extracted from natural high grade leonardite. It contains both nutrient potassium and humic acid and fulvic acid. It can be applied as a soil application through sprinkler or drip irrigation and as a foliar spray with foliar fertilizers for increased uptake. It can also be used for transplanting by making a solution for dipping the roots of plants.

Ferticell-Humate´s technology based on bacteria/alga, produce the metabolites such as organic acids, capsular polysaccharide, destroy the lattice structure of silicon aluminate and insoluble phosphorus compounds, decompose and release medium trace elements such as soluble phosphorus potassium and calcium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, manganese which improve the soil fertility and provide nutritional elements for the crops. Meanwhile, it produces physiological active substances such as gibberellin, kinetin cells, microbial enzymes, bacterial polysaccharides which promote the crop to absorb nutrient and carry out metabolism.

Is a formulation containing consortium of highly effective Solubilizing Alga/Bacteria, It enhances the bioavailability in the soil.

Solubilization by production of organic acids – Solubilizing Alga/Bacteria in Ferticell-humates reduces the pH of substrate by secretion of many organic acids such as Formic, Acetic, Propionic, Lactic, Glycolic, Fumaric & Succinic acid. These results into solubilization of Ca, Al, Fe bound insoluble phosphates with and enhanced availability of the phosphorous to the plant.

Solubilization by production of phosphatase enzymes – Solubilizing Alga/Bacteria in Ferticell-Humate release phosphates from the organic plant residues by mineralization. Plant cannot uptake phosphates in organic form directly. Alga/Bacteria secrets different soil enzymes which help in hydrolysis of soil organic phosphorus converting it into inorganic forms (HPO4- and H2PO4-).

Product Functions:

  • Decompose the phosphorus and potassium, fixes nitrogen, improve the utilization of fertilizer effectively and reduces the dosage of chemical fertilizer.
  • Activate and loosen soil and decomposes various medium trace elements such as silicon, calcium, sulfur, boron, molybdenum, zinc and etc. which comprehensively supply nutrition for plants.
  • Produce gibberellin, heteroauxin and many other physiological activators which promote the plant grow robust and strengthen the capacity of cold resistance, drought resistance, disease resistance and Cultivation of Resilience and improve the quality and output of products.
  • Form the beneficial bacteria in the roots of the crops, which can effectively restrain the breeding of harmful and pathogenic microorganism, thus significantly reduce pesticide application.
  • Decompose moderate various nutritional elements which can effectively prevent the plants from physiological nutrient deficiency symptom.
  • Improve disease resistance of crops, increase soil nutrients, improve soil structure,increase utilization of chemical fertilizers; promote decomposition of organic matter in soil into humus, stimulate crop growth.
  • Liquid potassium humate bioactive humic acids and fulvic acids
  • Soil conditioner and growth stimulant increase water-holding capacity of the soil
  • Acts as a natural chelator for micro-nutrients in alkaline soils and increases the micro-nutrients availability for plants
  • Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers and reduces nutrient leaching
  • No chemical additives and animal components, free from genetically modified raw materials
  • “Made in Spain ” from Leonardite
  • ECOCERT listed; in line to European organic agriculture Regulation 834/2007/EC, 889/2008/EC and USA NOP Regulation