Ferticell Explorer NITROGEN 16% powder soluble

Ferticell Explorer NITROGEN 16% powder soluble

Ferticell Explorer Nitrogen 16% powder soluble Download Technical Specification
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Are you using all four forms of Nitrogen in your current fertility program?

Most everyone understands the first three forms of Nitrogen being nitrate, ammoniacal, and urea. The most misunderstood form of Nitrogen, and the most vital, is protein Nitrogen. It is essential to rotate or balance all four forms of Nitrogen in a successful fertility program.

Product Features And Benefits

Suggested Use Considerations

  • Blend with conventional nitrogen to lower total N requirements
  • Stand alone product for use under high temperatures and environmental stress
  • Reduced requirements for additional plant stimulants or hormones
  • Explorer protein will reduce the demand for fossil fuel-produced fertilizers and support environmentally sound statements for consumer.


  • 16% Protein Nitrogen content
  • Contains 40% carbon
  • 100% Water soluble
  • Will not leach from most soils
  • Naturally adheres to leaf surfaces, food crops can be immediately harvested with no restrictions
  • Compatible with all conventional Nitrogen sources and most fertilizers
  • Enzyme hydrolysis process produces smaller size, water-soluble Nitrogen containing compounds of protein, peptides, and amino acids
  • Contains the essential plant extracted amino acids
  • Stable in normal environmental temperatures and requires no special handling


  • Reliable release curve in all environmental conditions
  • Reduces your fossil-fuel based Nitrogen inputs
  • Reduced carbon footprint for a farming organization
  • Natural product with no environmental impact
  • User friendly, safe for employees to handle
  • High carbon content makes excellent food source for soil biology
  • No risk for tip burn normally associated with nitrates or volitilization of ammonia